What Makes This the Perfect Sofa?

The Thoughtful Design

Each Perfect Sofa is a collaboration between you, and our team of interior designers. Our designers have hand-selected each build and upholstery option from beloved styles to ensure that any combination you choose will be beautiful - and classic enough to stand the test of time.

From there, the choices are up to you! Modern and classic styles combine to create the sofa you’ve been dreaming of, available in three sizes to fit any room in any home. We also offer a wide range of upholstery options, all chosen for their high quality and lasting beauty. We know that, with the options available, you’ll be able to create a sofa that’s perfect for you.

Looking for a specific fabric color or pattern? Give us a call! Our fabric library is vast and varied, and while we’ve curated some popular choices to offer online, we’re happy to help you bring your specific vision to life.


The Lasting Comfort

After 65 years in the furniture business, we know what it means to choose quality build materials. The Perfect Sofa is not just a standard shape and size. We’ve specifically chosen every aspect of this sofa for maximum comfort. From back height, to seat depth, to cushion firmness, each Perfect Sofa is built not just to be beautiful and last for years, but to be the most comfortable couch you’ve ever owned.

For superior comfort, we start from the ground up. A solid-wood base supports the cushions, with our favorite durable, comfortable material to stand the test of time. Our artisan builders use eight-way hand-tied seating for secure support from every angle. We’ve also learned that your height has a lot to do with your comfort. If you’re shorter, it can feel like you’re falling into the couch with too-deep seats. If you’re taller, you need a little more support than a low back provides. We’ve chosen the seat depth and back height of the Perfect Sofa to be the most comfortable and most supportive for you, and every one of your guests.


The Superior Quality

The Knilans’ name is synonymous with high-quality furniture in our hometown, and here at The Perfect Sofa, it’s no different. It starts with the build materials: solid wood, high-quality cushioning, and durable, beautiful upholstery options. These are assembled by our building team using all their years of experience. People like to use the word “artisan” a lot these days, but it truly applies here. These dedicated craftsmen combine hundreds of years of experience to hand-make your sofa according to your specifications. And our national delivery partners share our commitment to timely, conscientious white-glove delivery. 

Once The Perfect Sofa is in your home, you can expect the quality to continue. Because of its superior materials and construction, The Perfect Sofa is designed to stay comfortable and beautiful through years of football seasons, family gatherings, and quiet nights in. Have a problem? Give us a call. We’re happy to answer questions or provide support to ensure your Perfect Sofa remains a perfect fit.


When it comes to upholstered furniture, it is impossible to separate the elements of lasting comfort and quality construction. The Perfect Sofa starts with a solid hardwood wood frame, that is nearly indestructible. To that frame we anchor an 8-way hand-tied spring system. Our artisans literally hand tie every spring in eight directions and anchor those lines into the frame. This construction detail is important because it forces all of the springs in your sofa to work together to support your weight. When you sit on one side of the perfect sofa, the springs at the opposite side are assisting in your support and comfort. 8-way hand tied is the most robust upholstery seating construction method available. The Perfect Sofa also incorporates a spring edge on the front side of the frame. The purpose of the spring edge is to easy the pressure on the back side of your knee.
In addition to a great feel, the 8-way hand tied base will also make our signature down-blended seats cushion cores perform better, longer.

Cushion Cores

We included our signature cushion combination of down-blend seats, backs and toss pillows. This is the Perfect balance to achieve a soft, plush feel and lasting comfort. With the comfort of blend-down, expect some maintenance of fluffy and cushion rotation, as well as a luxurious sit found in the highest end upholstery

Performance Fabrics

Each of the fabrics in our line up is stain resistance performance fabrics. They are made to hold up to the everyday living. Spills like ketchup, mustard, and grease come clean with a little soap and water. If that isn’t enough, The Perfect Sofa comes with a fabric/leather 5 year protection plan to cover accidents worse than every day incidentals.